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Arc Angel: a clear combination of quality, esthetics and Italian passion.

Behind every success there is a story of hard work based on professional attitude, constant research, passion, and the ability to develop partnerships built on reliability and trust.


Arc Angel aligners represent the sum of these values and provide several advantages to dentists:

customization and versatility;

continuous interaction with technicians;

cutting-edge, full-digital technology;

an extensive support network;

the use of proprietary Arc Angel materials, tested and checked by each individual laboratory;


A 100% Made-in-Italy product.


How to start a new clinical case with Arc Angel.

The following is all you need to start a new clinical case:

- full arch impressions using either PVS or a 3D intraoral scanner;
- occlusal registration;
- orthopantomography;
- teleradiography;
- pictures of the patient’s mouth;

- filled-out patient’s application form.


You can share the digitized material on DEXTRA Link, the digital cloud platform created by GRUPPO DEXTRA specifically for this purpose.

DEXTRA Link cancels the distance between clinical staff and technical staff, allowing them to work side by side by sharing each and every step of their cycle of work.

Meanwhile, Check Align lets you keep every step and related documentation under control, thanks to its high level of customizability.

Cloud-based communication has never been easier.

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